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In our world of great challenge and change, time is of the essence. Sanctuary House wishes you to have all the information you need on both Spontaneous Meditation and Siddha Vaidya.
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From the Mouth of the Supreme: The Universal and Complete Gift of Spontaneous Meditation Specifically for Our Times by Swami Vishnudatta 189 p. $15 If you have longed for real connection with the reality of life, of who you are, within the pages of this handbook on Spontaneous Meditation is promise, holism and authenticity that few people imagine or ever hope to find. There is no charge, except to use what the greatest saint of our time has brought into form directly from the Source of Creation. When the Supreme Takes a Body: The Immortal Journey of Shri Punitachariji Maharaj by Swami Vishnudatta Manuscript available 612 p. $27 [available in August, 2012] Siddha Vaidya: The Primordial Medical Science An Introduction by William Howell 86 p. $12 The most ancient health-care system on the Earth is also the most natural and sustainable. With perhaps 17,000 years of continuous conscious investigation into the human body, this holistic science of health assumes that virtually every disease is curable and that mere improvement of health is considered a partial failure. Welcome to Siddha Vaidya, a system in which Siddha physicians are not allowed to charge more than they and their families require, a healing modality in which causes and not symptoms are treated, a medical milieu that focuses on total health, recognizing the interconnectedness of all aspects of the body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit. Science, Love and the Unified Field by Dr. K.C. Agarwal and Swami Vishnudatta 339 p. $26 Science, Love and the Unified Field is a novel that wants to open you to everything... about life, learning, love, yourself and Creation. Vasant's favorite professor at Oxford University is dying. Her brother, an Indian Swami, travels to her side and ends up delivering ten talks, the likes of which have never before graced these hallowed halls. What he offers he stitches into a fabulous tapestry of science and poetry, love and loss, the body and the spirit, filling in the blanks of the great questions that burden and inspire every heart. What is within these pages unites Hamlet and the Buddha, the linear West and the cyclic East in the objectivity of pure science, which is far vaster than we realize. If you have yearning for knowledge, or thought you knew what science is, the journey you're about to enter will prove enlightening as well as both very familiar and strange. Collected Poems: 1981 - 2011 by William Howell 189 p. $14 These poems presenting themselves for thirty years arise out of the unique yet universal journey of someone like you...someone who is still questing for solid ground on which to stand, yet who has sojourned enough to know that this ground is pure mystery...deep within what we call the heart, a heart fully connected to Nature, to our own nature, to the canopy of stars, to the timelessness of human adventure, to the authentic light that takes—but only seemingly—so long to reach us. May you find your journey confirmed here—as well as illuminated and inspired by one of your unmet kin. Cult: by William Howell 189 p. $14 The knowledge of cults is vital in terms of assisting individuals and groups to function humanly. If seeming foreign, cults can draw very well-meaning people who, if they survive the pressurized intensity of cult life, often gain a wisdom that books cannot deliver. This memoir is a first-hand account of a cult lofty in promise and equally dangerous in actuality. This book offers not only deep insight for anyone interested in how a cult functions--for they all work in very similar fashions--but also an innoculation designed to give just enough experience with cultdom so you will not yourself have to suffer the hellacious ride that was the strange destiny of the five souls whom you are about to meet. Cults are inherently fascinating--they'll not go away--because they use the lower drives (security, esteem and control) found in every individual. To read this story is to learn how the interior longings of we, caught in the human condition, epitomize the drama in every life since the beginning of time.
William Howell, a teacher and writer, has studied  with adepts in all the major spiritual traditions.   He and his wife live in Crestone, CO, where they founded Sanctuary House.  The Author
LOVE’S KNOT Cross over, wrap yourself around And under, both of you Bending where you were straight. Now curve back Toward one another, Crossing over, under, Pulling tight together. Though heading in opposite directions, You now are one.
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