I AM NOT I I am not I. I am this one Walking beside me whom I do not see, Whom at times I manage to visit, And whom at other times I forget; Who remains calm and silent while I talk, And forgives, gently, when I hate, Who walks where I am not, Who will remain standing when I die. —Juan Ramon Jimenez / translated by Robert Bly
The innocent potential of an infant coming into our world and the transformative potential of what we call ‘death’ involve the same energy, hope and possibility of making an all-important shift on this mysterious yet perfectly orderly journey of the soul. Death and Life are one, and honoring death is a gift that we can give to someone dear who is making this passage. And to have community members serve in this vital time--annointing the body of the deceased and providing all enobling aspects of care of the body--returns to the agency of love what has for too many decades been abrogated to professionals who may well not even know the deceased or his or her family. Bringing this responsibility back into the natural reservoir of care that resides in the community makes all the difference. The Crestone End-of-Life Project serves to educate those in our community about their end-of-life rights and choices--and also is happy to make all this knowledge and experience available to anyone who is interested. Please visit the website at www.crestoneendoflifeproject.org, which has been painstakingly created and beautifully rendered to provide all the necessary direction, information and inspiration. One of the uniquenesses of this End-of-Life effort is the possibility of open-air cremation (to residents only), a possibility which is elegant, clean, community spirited and, frankly, awesome. Below is a video link, should you like to witness this remarkably ancient and ever-new end-of-life choice. ‘Open-air Cremation' http://www.lifeandlove.tv/video.cfm/ cid/2003/vid/1190
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