For UNMET and TOUGH-TO-TREAT HEALTH ISSUES WEI LABORATIES— In 2012, Baladevi heard about herbal poultices from WEI Laboratories, a husband-wife team from California whose website offers quite a variety of products with striking healing capabilities—in Baladevi's case, an herbal 'patch' for her neck (long ago slightly fractured) and bulging disk in the lower back. Unable to travel to India, Baladevi decided to try the 'Whitee Patch', ordering a 3-month supply of the large size, then cutting them in half to apply to both her neck and lower a 2-day on, 1-day off process. Fairly soon she was noticing that she felt better—less pain, more mobility—with the patch on than off. Some weeks later, she experienced greater strength in both areas. Now, she is nearly pain-free after the recommended 3-month treatment program. How great to be able to receive such authentic assistence here in America. WEI Laboratories, under the strictest process control and ingredients of the highest quality and consistency standards, is engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of herb-based healthcare products for unmet and tough-to-treat healthcare needs, such as failed surgeries, back pain and disk problems, arthritis, respiratory and lung diseases, muscolo-skeletal injuries, chronic pain and fatigue, immune system disorders and the like. If you are not receiving what you feel to be apt treatment for your condition, you might want to investigate their website: And please call them at (888) 919.1188, for they are very helpful, willing to work with clients, and even offer a consultation, if you are uncertain which product(s) will best address your issue(s).
INFANT MASSAGE: The Crying Need of a Lifetime What if 80% of adult hang-ups could be gently and effectively released at birth? For 25 years, DeAnna Elliott has been investigating the effects of positive touch on humans. An international trainer in the field of infant massage since 1982, DeAnna uses this simple gift for normal infants, as well as those disabled, orphaned, abused or born premature. Infant massage holds an untold ability to release the traumas of birth and early years. In infant massage, one reaction is called 'releasing', a time when the influence of the massage is dislodging traumas held in the body. During those times infants cry as they release these wounds. In the program DeAnna teaches, parents learn how to listen to their little one express the parts of his/her birthing experience that were difficult. Crying doesn’t mean there's anything wrong with the parent or that he/she's doing the massage improperly. Rather, it's expressing the pure release of issues that, otherwise, would adversely affect life later on. more
Along with the Hari Om Tatsat Jai Guru Datta mantra + the ancient cures of Siddha Vaidya, the health aides below are profound and vital.
HIMALAYAN SEA SALT ...for balancing the pH. of your body, so that diseases will not be able to enter. Salt is essential to life. Himalayan sea salt is known to be the purest salt on Earth. It was created 250 million years ago during a time of pristine environmental integrity. Sourced from deep within the remote Himalayas, this salt is free of impurities – far different from refined table salt (which the body treats as a poison) or salt from today's polluted oceans. Each of us carries a replica of Earth's primal ocean in our blood. This means that what we need for healthy living is the nutrient matrix of the primordial sea. Himalayan sea salt does, in fact, contain those very nutrients. Himalayan sea salt restores our natural alkaline balance, crucial for well-being. Hand-harvested, stone ground and pure in flavor, its crystalline structure and pink color stems from its naturally high content of 84 essential minerals, the same ones our bodies are made of and the elements of the original ocean out of which all life originated. Himalayan sea salt is precisely the whole, natural substance our bodies were designed to be nourished by, but that otherwise cannot be obtained. Download some excerpts from one or more of the Himalayan Sea Salt websites:
Double Helix Water – Ultra-Pure Stable Water Clusters ...for assimilating nutrients and repairing the body’s meridian system This ‘ultimate water’ was discovered by Dr. Shiu Yin Lo, a top-rank theoretical physicist, and Dr. David Gann, who was able to engineer a significant quantity of totally pure water. When a grain of NaCl (sodium chloride) was dropped into this unblemished water, the two molecules separated, a phenomenon never before observed, and then each molecule, when far enough away from its former partner, disappeared! This unique event then spontaneously produced water clusters of two intertwined strands of three molecules each. This ‘double-helix water’ constitutes a new state of water, for it does not act as a liquid, solid or gas. These ‘double-helix’ configurations of water molecules are, according to Dr. Lo, exactly what the meridians of our bodies are made of. Thus, this ‘double-helix water’ can repair broken or damaged meridians in the human body. (The recommended dose is 8 ounces morning and evening.) William Howell contends that the 6-molecule configuration of the double-helix water’s hexagonal structure is small enough to penetrate cellular walls and thereby highly increase our ability to absorb nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and others. While Dr. Lo, the consummate scientist, is not focusing on this characteristic of the ‘stable-state water’, the importance of absorption, especially given the contaminated waters available from wells and faucets, can hardly be overestimated in terms of maintaining good health. Hence, more than 90% of vitamins and the natural minerals in water (including bottled waters) go unabsorbed and, therefore, unutilized. Download more information
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