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Here is the information about the possibility of Siddha Vaidya which we feel confident in recommending to those are seriously investigating southern India medical tourism in Siddha Vaidya. The steps outlined below represent the finest, strongest and most complete health program we can recommend. First, we highly suggest, especially if this is your first trip to India, that you contact our reliable friend who is full of integrity, Mr. David Rebeiro (His website at will be up in the near future). His first language is English and he is official consultant both to Santhigiri Siddha Hospital & College and to Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS). David's email is: and -- use both emails, just in case. Introduce yourself (You might mention that you've spoken with William & Barbara Howell) and set forth your medical condition to David. You could contact the Siddha Vaidya doctor directly, but it is advisable to let David contact Dr. K. Jagannathan at (David will make sure to note that this email is to him specifically) to introduce you and your medical situation and history. Once David replies with the Doctor's remarks, you can send the doctor (via David or directly—Fax: 91-471-244-6438) pertinent medical tests and the details of your bloodwork and any requested test results. Dr. Jagannathan is a very humble man and will not make extravagant promises. He is a PhD and lecturer at Santhigiri Siddha Medical College, and is also in charge of the quality control of all the herbs (over 530 in number) grown at the Santhigiri herbal gardens for production. You can check out the hospital website at Second, you’re ready to speak with a travel agent. You might want to investigate ours, an L.A. firm called Dada Travel and Tours--work with Shelina at 888-884- 3232. (If for some reason she's not available, then use another travel agent altogether.) We have always flown from the West Coast and appreciated Singapore Airlines and taken advantage of the free Singapore Stopover Holiday (a free night in a fine Singapore hotel). Our last airline ticket was $1550. East Coast and Chicago flights will be cheaper. Tell her when you want to fly and return (you get one free change, so if you need or want to make a change there in India you can do so--David can do this for you). Shelina will get you an itinerary that you can approve or amend. Third, once you have a flight, send your passport to Indian Consulate (Google ‘Consulate of India’ and on their website find whether to send your passport to San Francisco or New York) and allow a few weeks) for the necessary India visa. (If you envision yourself returning to India in the next decade, you will do well to get a 10-year visa for $120, since a 3-month tourist visa is $65). Fourth, once you know that you are definitely wanting to come to Santhigiri (and/or KIMS) we recommend that you employ David's services--at least his basic package ($150) in which he will do all the background work for your trip, will meet you at the airport in Trivandrum (capital of the State of Kerala), will take you to Wild Palms on Sea (our recommended place to stay for your first night or two in India ( ) for however many nights (about $40/night w. breakfast); David will also contact Santhigiri on your behalf and make arrangements for your room and care, will escort you to Santhigiri and meet the doctor with you to make sure that everything is well-understood and that you meet the staff and get nicely settled in your room. David will also confirm your airline reservations and help you change them, should you decide to stay longer, and then escort you to the Trivandrum airport on your departure. Excellent food, water, laundry, internet, linens and towels are provided. Do bring toothbrush and toilet paper. You can buy ayurvedic soap and shampoo at the Santhigiri canteen. If you want David to take you shopping or show you the capital city of Trivandrum, his fee is $30/day. You can, of course, go anytime. The last two years we have gone in June and July, during the monsoon season. It’s cool, the rains are wonderful, and the sun is not too hot when it’s out. We think that monsoon season feels like the high season, because the weather is so bearable, and yet it is the low season for hotels and the houseboat ride. What a good deal! (But do keep it to yourself, so that the hotels in Kerala don’t come to agree with us and include the monsoon months in the high season.) If you want a real vacation treat, at the end of our Siddha Vaidya 21 days of healing at Santhigiri, Barbara and I took a 2-day backwater houseboat ride (David designed the boat himself) and it was the most relaxing vacation we'd ever experienced, not to mention gourmet Kerala food and gorgeously memorable scenery. David can set this trip up for you (about $150/night off-season). Also, if you need any dental, surgical or any other medical tests and/or consultations, you can speak (or have David speak) to Vasuki Devadas, Manager of International Patient Relations at KIMS (Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences). The email is Fax: 91-471-241-9076. Her phone is 91-471-304-1000 Ask for Vasuki Devadas at International Patient Relations. Do give us a call if you need anything at all. We can, if you wish, guide you through every step that is feeling still uncertain. And we'd love to keep in touch (our phone is 719-256-4420 and email: to see how this India medical tourism possibility is working out for you. KERALA The State of Keral is called ‘God’s Own Country.’ Beaches and palm trees, backwater canals and mountain tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries and some of the most hospitable people on earth are obvious reasons why travelers the world over are drawn to southern India. There is no place like India, and now the world is arrowed to this most ancient of lands to lead the way into the 21st century. Kerala is the most relaxed state in India, and among the most beautiful. In Trivandrum, capital city of Kerala, the East and West are meeting, especially in the arenas of Intelligence Technology and, of course, medicine—the latest of the West and the most ancient and natural of the East. (add photo of sea/palms/sand) MEDICAL MAGNET The whole world is knockng on the doors of India. The most ancient civilization is now rising as the economic center of Asia, where everything is far more affordable. In the field of medicine, the physicians of India are clear, kind, attentive, available and as highly trained as any medical professionals in the world. Whether you are coming for surgery or dental work, a face lift or rejuvenation, having your medical needs attended to in Kerala makes medical as well as economic sense. And southern India is rich in natural medical alternatives—Siddha Vaidya, Ayurved, Homeopathy, as well as complete allopathic services. OUR LIASON, MR DAVID REBEIRO (add photo of David) A talented engineer and designer of tree houses and backwater houseboats, David brings his 15 years of tourism experience to the rapid rise of ‘medical tourism’ as the West is moving East. David, a family man whose first language is English, sees that Kerala and its capital city, his home of Trivandrum, are fully poised to serve the needs of discerning international medical tourists. Official consultant to both KIMS (Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences) and Santhigiri Siddha Medical College and Hospital, David has searched out the most excellent medical possibilities, both alternative and traditional, so that you can enjoy the very finest in healthcare. David takes pride is his integrity. Coupled with his personal research into the best that Trivandrum has to offer in medicine and vacation interests, David is ideal to introduce you to southern India and take out any worries about your time in his homeland. He will be honored to be your servant and guide. SANTHIGIRI SIDDHA MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL The goal of Siddha Vaidya , the oldest and most natural medical system on Earth, is to cure, not just to address symptoms. In the thousands of years that this ancient system has been flourishing in southern India, 4448 diseases have been identified, each with at least 64 approaches, meaning that more than a quarter million healing formulas have been set down in couplets and etched on palm leaf fronds. To be a Siddha physician is a lifestyle of naturalness and integration, in addition to the extraordinary expertise required in numerous aspects of medicine and the plant, animal and mineral worlds. Santhigiri is one of six Siddha Colleges in southern India, the only one in Kerala and the only one whose teaching medium is in English. The college and hospital are associated with Santhigiri Ashram, founded by Navajyothishree Karunakara Guru, who passed into the union with the Supreme in 1999. Through his vision, over 200 Siddha/Ayurveda Hospitals have been founded all over India. The main teaching facility, hospital and ashram are in Trivandrum, not far from Guruji’s birthplace. Santhigiri raises all its own herbs, over 530 varieties on the ashram grounds. If you have not been able to receive adequate care and hope for wellness in the West, then the natural medicines of Siddha Vaidya are, without doubt, worthy of investigation. Santhigiri offers an integrated healing program of Siddha, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Allopathy—along with fine care and caregivers, and wonderfully fresh food prepared with love in a peaceful atmosphere. For further information on Siddha Vaidya, see And please visit the Santhigiri website at KERALA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES (KIMS) Even if you are mainly interested in Siddha Vaidyu to address your health concerns, you might also want to know about what may well be the finest medical facility on the sub-continent. Founded by a doctor who also holds an MBA, he and garnered world-wide input to create this outstanding medical facility. KIMS, the only hospital in all of India to be accredited both in the USA and Australia, has all the latest in medical equipment, a professional staff as fine as anywhere in the world, and an attitude that will make you at times wonder if this, indeed, is a hospital. The harmony and cooperative spirit of the staff is unparalleled, an ideal that is a daily dedication. And they even seve really good food. Pertinent to travelers from the West, KIMS has its entire 9th floor of 24 rooms, which in many cases more resemble suites, dedicated to international patients. Moreover, there is an International Patient Relations desk, expertly overseen by Ms. Vasuki Devadas, which is totally focused on the needs, efficiency and health of patients coming from abroad. Whatever the consultations or tests you require, the International Patient Relations staff will make sure that you receive the promptest of service. What may take months in the United States can happen usually in days. See DAVID’S PACKAGES & FEES [TAB #4] David’s service is to meet your needs in every way possible and eliminate worry and any concerns of traveling in the sub-continent. Let him know as soon as you are strongly interested in considering medical tourism in Kerala, and also inform him of your medical needs. He will then make the contacts for you at either (or both) Santhigiri Siddha Medical Hospital or KIMS (Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences)—informing the staff of your interest and finding the optimum way of proceeding with your care, as well as making reservations for your stay. BASIC PACKAGE: $150 * Making your medical and lodging contacts, informing you of your various choices and then per your instructions making your reservations; * Answering all your questions and concerns—healthcare, tourism, dates, times, places, costs, diet, travel, what to bring, etc—by either email or phone, or both; * Arranging your schedule as to your time and activity preferences; * Meeting your arrival flight at Trivandrum airport and arranging transportation to Wild Palms on Sea or your preferred lodging; * Arranging transport to your primary medical destination and accompanying you for the purposes of making sure your accommodations are satisfactory, introducing you to the staff, and sitting in on your meeting with the doctor(s) to assure that your process of care is clear, agreeable and fully understood; * Arranging transport either back to your initial lodging and making sure you are settled and well taken care of; * Confirming your flight home; * Arranging transportation and accompanying you from your lodgings to the Trivandrum International Airport for your return flight home. DELUXE PACKAGE: $200 All the elements of the Basic Package, plus: * Arranging transport and accompanying you to your secondary medical destination, meeting with the medical staff to insure your optimum care and scheduling; * Arranging and accompanying you on a shopping trip (jewelry, clothes, fabrics, cookware, spices—whatever is your interest); EXECUTIVE PACKAGE: $250 All the elements of the Deluxe Package, plus: * Taking charge of any additional travel plans and any airline changes that may be required; * Arranging for and accompanying you on two further excursions (total of three)—shopping, sightseeing, museums, zoo, beach days; LUXURY PACKAGE: $300 All the elements of the Executive Package, plus: * Unlimited phone inquiries during your stay; * The free use of a cell phone while in Kerala; * Attending a performance of Kerala’s famous Kathakali dance performers; * Arranging for and accompanying you on one further excursions (total of four)—shopping, sightseeing, museums, zoo, beach days; NOTE: Any additions to any of these packages can be arranged with David at $ TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS If you are traveling within India, David certainly be of direct assistance. If, however, you are coming from abroad, then it will by all means be to your advantage to make your travel arrangements in your own country. You can consult David as to weather, holidays and in whatever ways of assistance that will help you plan your visit, in terms of time of year and length of stay. If you live in the United States, William & Barbara have made the trip many times. .